Elite CDS Coaching in Delhi

Lakshya Academy is the most popular CDS coaching institute in Delhi. Aspirants seeking to excel in Combined Defence Services examinations are always welcome in our academy. This is not just a registration in a class but a step forward to realising your ambition of becoming a soldier. Lakshya Academy has a legacy of excellence and it represents the best CDS coaching in Delhi.

Transformative Learning [Best CDS OTA Coaching in Delhi]

Our comprehensive CDS coaching program is tailored specifically for OTA aspirants. Recognized as the best CDS OTA coaching in Delhi, our curriculum encompasses a wide range of subjects, focusing on both written exams and SSB interviews. Our teaching methods satisfy the dynamic nature of the CDS exams by being innovative, engaging, and effective.

Expert Guidance

Lakshya Academy, the best coaching centre for CDS in Delhi has seasoned teachers and defence personalities as its faculty. Our professionals give the unmatched learning experience to our students with their knowledge and insights. Our educators go beyond teaching; they mentor, guiding every aspirant through the difficulties of the CDS curriculum. Take the expert guidance from the best coaching for CDS in Delhi now.

Follow the brief overview of the CDS Exam with latest pattern and other exam info:

Admission to Indian Military, Naval, Air Force and Officers’ Training Academies is open only to unmarried candidates of specific ages for each academy. Eligibility: Indian citizens, subjects of Nepal and persons of Indian origin from specified countries. The educational qualifications differ from one academy to another, varying from a recognized university degree for some to specific requirements in Engineering and Physics (with Mathematics) for others. Aspirants must be single and fall within age limits, which range from 16.5 to 19.5 years for different academies. The competitive examination consists of a written test and an interview. The written test for IMA, INA and AFA consists of English, General Knowledge as well as Elementary Mathematics which all have sectional cut-off marks. The subjects for OTA are limited to English and General Knowledge. The difficulty of the exam falls between a matriculation level in Maths and graduate standard for other subjects, covering such varied topics as Arithmetic to Statistics.
  • High-End Infrastructure

We boast of modern classrooms, an up-to-date library and current study materials. We are the leading coaching institute for CDS in Delhi, and we believe in generating a favourable atmosphere for learning. These include modern teaching equipment, spacious and conducive studying environments for the students to undertake effective study hours.
  • Personalised Attention

We acknowledge that every aspirant at Lakshya Academy has personal strengths.Our teaching methodology, recognized as the best coaching for CDS in Delhi, involves one to one personalised attention. We cater for every individual student and provide personalised support to each student for their success in CDS tests. Make your move and trust the best coaching for CDS in Delhi today.
  • Regular Assessments and Feedback

We carry out mock tests and feedback sessions on a daily basis. Being the best CDS coaching institute in Delhi, our rigorous practice regime is our hallmark. These are some of the evaluations which enable us to establish ways through which we can teach different students as per their necessities.


Q1. Why is Lakshya Academy considered the best CDS coaching in Delhi?

A1. Lakshya Academy stands out as the best CDS coaching in Delhi due to its comprehensive curriculum, experienced faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities. Through our course, we combine conceptual learning with concrete practice so that learners are fully prepared for all tests necessary to clear CDS.

Q2. What unique strategies does Lakshya Academy employ in its CDS coaching?

A2. As a premier CDS coaching institute in Delhi, we employ a variety of teaching strategies, including interactive sessions, doubt clearance forums, and extensive use of technological aids. Personalised attention, frequent monitoring and evaluation helps every student to do well in their studies.

Q3. How does Lakshya Academy's CDS coaching help in overall development?

A3. Lakshya Academy, known as the best coaching centre for CDS in Delhi, not only focuses on academic excellence but also on the overall development of aspirants. We engage in personality development seminars, SSB interview training and physical exercise to cover up all aspects of success on the part of our students.

Q4. What support does Lakshya Academy offer for post-course guidance?

A4. Post-course, as the leading coaching institute for CDS in Delhi, we offer continuous support to our alumni. This includes guidance for SSB interviews in our personalized SSB coaching in Delhi, updates on exam patterns, and even refresher courses for alumni who wish to revisit certain topics or stay updated with the latest trends.
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