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We train for SSB interviews and written entrance exam for NDA , CDS and AFCAT.

Actionable Coaching

Coaching is provided in such a way that you learn most of the things at the coaching itself.

Interesting Quizzes

Quizzes are organized to have a competitive plus fun environment.

Premium Material

Study material are made with many years of experience that are easy to understand.

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Your Career Path Begins Here

We train your mind.....
You take the decisions!

The Lakshya's Philosophy Of Training

Assessors in SSB are intelligent, experienced, highly trained persons to see through the real artificial and fakes. We retain your originality and bring out the real YOU. You will discover your strengths and understand your weak areas and work on them.

Col. Yudvir Singh — Founder

Cracking SSB is not an easy job. SSBs aren’t just the toughest interviews of the country for name sake. But with relevant skills you can easily crack interview being an important part of SSB.

With each passing attempt, you feel it is becoming more and more difficult to get recommended. So why not eliminate all of these issues by cracking the SSB interview in the very first attempt.

Mistakes that we make are for getting a leaning and not to forget them while doing activities in present so that we should not repeat the same mistakes again. But what if there are mentors who prevent you from doing mistakes and lend you directly to the right path?

Some Words By The Founder

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